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Hitler Responds to the iPad
How to Suck at Facebook
Police Dog Hero
My Little Pony Action Trailer
Awesome Buffalo Chicken Dip
Pro Football Hurts!
Rapper Bites the Dust
Trunk Monkey
Christmas Prank
We Got That B-Roll
Beatles Guitar Medley
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Steven Seagal
Tiger Woods Re-Enactment

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or Gotcha?

Hey, my profile says I'm married - to a woman.

What are they trying to say?

Fall River Dentist
Accused of Using Paper Clips
for Root Canals

Click Here to see the full story.
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10 Reasons to Avoid
Talking on the Phone

In other words:
Why Facebook can be much better...

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Plane Crash Suspect's Online Message

Click Here to read what was on his mind
and why he did it.

The Boyfriend Body Pillow
Is there a Girlfriend Version too, (for the guys)?

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Freecycle.org Free Stuff

It is better to give something away, rather than throw it away.
It is better to get something for free, rather than pay for it.

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to find the local Freecycle group for your area.
Hitler Responds to the iPad

100124-police-dog.gif - 1538155 BytesHow to Suck at Facebook

These are the 9 Worst Types of Facebook Users.

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for tips on how to drive your Facebook Friends crazeeeee!
Training Video or Real Police Situation?

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You may have to watch this a few times to figure out what's happening.

Notice the suspect behind the car, apparently firing a gun, you see the smoke from the muzzle,
and a split second later - the Shepherd Police Dog leaps across the roof of the auto,
clamps onto the suspect, and brings him down so quickly. Bye buy, bad guy!
My Little Pony - Action Trailer
TRUE and FALSE stories regarding Haiti Relief
UPS is not sending packages to Haiti for Free.
Facebook is not donating money to Haiti based on status messages.

Click Here for a list of TRUE and FALSE related stories.
My Little Pony - Action Trailer

Truly Awesome
Buffalo Chicken
Click on the picture for the recipe.
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What Pro Football
Is Really Like
It's painful.
Click on the picture to see the full story.
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Another Would-Be Rapper
Bites the Dust
Those New Bedford YouTube wannabes
got off easy
compared to this guy.
Click on the picture to see the full story.
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Trunk Monkey:
The Must-Have Car Accessory
Click on the picture to see the video.
Christmas Prank: Hilarious or Meanest Ever?
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Click on the picture for the full story.
Ever Wonder Where That Footage Came From?
Amazing Guitar Solo Beatles Medley

Total Ass Steven Seagal May Have Found His Niche!

091202-steven-seagal.jpg - 16765 Bytes
I've always thought that Steve Seagal was a total ass. Was ready to laugh at the promos of his new series. But damn, he may have found his niche.

As with many of these reality shows, it might be faked, recreated crap, but damn, this might be close to real.

I won't watch it. But good for him.

See Promo Clips of Steven Seagal Lawman.
Grand Theft Auto-Style Tiger Woods Re-Enactment

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